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Public Schools

Name Grade Level Address
Alpha Alternate Secondary Program 10-12 4600 Parker St, Burnaby, BC
Alpha Secondary 8-12 4600 Parker St, Burnaby, BC
Armstrong Elementary K-7 8757 Armstrong Ave, Burnaby, BC
Aubrey Elementary K-7 1075 Stratford Ave, Burnaby, BC
Brantford Elementary K-7 6512 Brantford Ave, Burnaby, BC
Brentwood Park Elementary K-7 1455 Delta Ave, Burnaby, BC
Buckingham Elementary K-7 6066 Buckingham Ave, Burnaby, BC
Burnaby Central Secondary 8-12 6011 Deer Lake Pky, Burnaby, BC
Burnaby Mountain Secondary 8-12 8800 Eastlake Dr, Burnaby, BC
Burnaby North Secondary 8-12 751 Hammarskjold Dr, Burnaby, BC
Burnaby South Alternate Secondary Prg 10-12 5455 Rumble St, Burnaby, BC
Burnaby South Secondary 8-12 5455 Rumble St, Burnaby, BC
Burnaby Youth HUB 9-12 4750 Imperial St, Burnaby, BC
Byrne Creek Community School 8-12 7777 18th St, Burnaby, BC
Cameron Elementary K-7 9540 Erickson Dr, Burnaby, BC
Capitol Hill Elementary K-7 350s Holdom Ave, Burnaby, BC
Cariboo Hill Alternate Secondary Program 10-12 8580 16th Ave, Burnaby, BC
Cariboo Hill Secondary 8-12 8580 16th Ave, Burnaby, BC
Cascade Heights Elementary K-7 4343 Smith Ave, Burnaby, BC
Chaffey-Burke Elementary K-7 4404 Sardis St, Burnaby, BC
Clinton Elementary K-7 5858 Clinton St, Burnaby, BC
Confederation Park Elementary K-7 4715 Pandora St, Burnaby, BC
Douglas Road Elementary K-7 4861 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC
École Inman Elementary K-7 3963 Brandon St, Burnaby, BC
École Seaforth Elementary K-7 7881 Government Rd, Burnaby, BC
Edmonds Community K-7 7651 18th Ave, Burnaby, BC
Forest Grove Elementary K-7 8525 Forest Grove Dr, Burnaby, BC
Gilmore Community Elementary K-7 50 S Gilmore Ave, Burnaby, BC
Gilpin Elementary K-7 5490 Eglinton St, Burnaby, BC
Glenwood Elementary K-7 5787 Marine Dr, Burnaby, BC
Kitchener Elementary K-7 1351 Gilmore Ave, Burnaby, BC
Lakeview Elementary K-7 7777 Mayfield St, Burnaby, BC
Lochdale Community K-7 6990 Aubrey St, Burnaby, BC
Lyndhurst Elementary K-7 9847 Lyndhurst St, Burnaby, BC
Marlborough Elementary K-7 6060 Marlborough Ave, Burnaby, BC
Maywood Community School K-7 4567 Imperial St, Burnaby, BC
Montecito Elementary K-7 2176 Duthie Ave, Burnaby, BC
Morley Elementary K-7 7355 Morley St, Burnaby, BC
Moscrop Secondary 8-12 4433 Moscrop St, Burnaby, BC
Nelson Elementary K-7 4850 Irmin St, Burnaby, BC
Outlook Secondary Program 11-12 204 3993 Henning Dr, Burnaby, BC
Parkcrest Elementary K-7 6055 Halifax St, Burnaby, BC
Rosser Elementary K-7 4375 Pandora St, Burnaby, BC
Royal Oak Secondary Program 10-12 5310 Woodsworth St, Burnaby, BC
School to Work Secondary Program 12 5325 Kincaid St, Burnaby, BC
Second Street Community K-7 7502 2nd St, Burnaby, BC
South Slope Elementary K-7 4446 Watling St, Burnaby, BC
Sperling Elementary K-7 2200 Sperling Ave, Burnaby, BC
Stoney Creek Elementary K-7 2740 Beaverbrook Cres, Burnaby, BC
Stride Avenue Community School K-7 7014 Stride Ave, Burnaby, BC
Suncrest Elementary K-7 3883 Rumble St, Burnaby, BC
Take a Hike Secondary Program 10-12 5310 Woodsworth St, Burnaby, BC
Taylor Park Elementary K-7 7590 Mission Ave, Burnaby, BC
Twelfth Avenue Elementary K-7 7622 12th Ave, Burnaby, BC
University Highlands Elementary K-7 9388 Tower Rd, Burnaby, BC
Westridge Elementary K-7 510 Duncan Ave, Burnaby, BC
Windsor Elementary K-7 6166 Imperial St, Burnaby, BC

Independent Schools

Name Grade Level Address
Burnaby Montessori School K-1 3905 Norland Ave, Burnaby, BC
Carver Christian High School 7-12 7650 Sapperton Ave, Burnaby, BC
Deer Lake SDA School K-12 5550 Gilpin St, Burnaby, BC
Holy Cross Elementary School K-7 1450 Delta Ave, Burnaby, BC
John Knox Christian School K-7 8260 13th Ave, Burnaby, BC
Our Lady of Mercy K-7 7481 10th Ave, Burnaby, BC
St Francis de Sales K-7 6656 Balmoral St, Burnaby, BC
St Helen's K-7 3894 Triumph St, Burnaby, BC
St Michaels K-7 9387 Holmes St, Burnaby, BC
St Thomas More Collegiate 8-12 7450 12th Ave, Burnaby, BC
Whytecliff Agile Learning Centre-Burnaby 8-12 3450 Boundary Rd, Burnaby, BC