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Haida Gwaii (50)

Completion Rates

The six-year completion rate is the percent of students who graduated with a Certificate of Graduation or Adult Graduation Diploma, within six years from the first time they enrol in Grade 8. School District-level results are adjusted for student migration in and out of British Columbia.

For a more complete set including additional years and subpopulations please see open data for Six Year Completion Rates

Completion Rates

Typical range across B.C. (middle 50% of school districts)
Selected school district's most recent results (2019/20)
Range of school district's results over time (2015/16 - 2019/20)
* All Students includes non-residents, some of whom are international students.

Completion Rate Over Time for Indigenous and BC Residents

Completion Rate Over Time for Students with Special Needs and BC Residents