Small map graphic with School District 006 highlighted.

School District

Rocky Mountain (6)

The following is the most up to date contact information available for District Leadership, Board leaders, and the relevant Members of the Legislative Assembly for each School District.

Key contacts

Position Name Phone Mobile Email
Chairperson Amber Byklum 250-342-9243
Continuing Custody Order Contact Sharon Collin 250-342-9243
Early Learning Contact Crystal Macleod 250-342-9243
Early Learning Contact Glenn Goslin 250-342-9243
Executive/Administrative Assistant Stacey Ursulescu 250-342-9243
Facilities Contact Alan Ure 250-342-9243
Financial Contact Alan Rice 250-342-9243
Inclusive Education Contact Kari Mason 250-342-9243
Inclusive Education Contact Sharon Collin 250-342-9243
Indigenous Contact Jenna Jasek 250-342-9243
Indigenous Contact Trent Dolgopol 250-342-9243
International Education Contact Danielle Warren 250-427-2245
Literacy Contact Darren Danyluk 250-342-9243
Literacy Contact Steve Wyer 250-342-9243
MyED BC Contact Trent Dolgopol 250-342-9243
Online Learning Contact Steve Wyer 250-342-9243
Secretary-Treasurer Alan Rice 250-342-9243
Superintendent Steve Wyer 250-342-9243
Transportation Contact Alan Ure 250-342-9243
Transportation Contact Brian Nickurak 250-342-6814
Transportation Contact Jim Bryce 250-427-2268
Transportation Contact Lisa Clifton 250-342-9243
Transportation Contact Russell Wagner 250-344-8643
Trustee Amber Byklum
Trustee Betty-Lou Barrett
Trustee Darryl Oakley
Trustee Jane Fearing
Trustee Jane Thurgood Sagal
Trustee Rhonda Smith
Trustee Ron McRae
Trustee Ryan Stimming
Trustee Scott King
MLA Doug Clovechok (Columbia River-Revelstoke)