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School District

Gold Trail (74)

Investment in the K-12 education system takes many forms. The ministry funds Schools Districts in two main ways: Operating and Capital. These investment are carefully monitored to ensure that Districts are operating as close to optimally as possible and that there is a high level of public trust in the system.

Capacity Utilization

Enrolment and Funding

Indigenous Education Finances

Local Enhancement Agreements Signed (expressd as a fraction over total first nations in a school district) 5/17
Indigenous Education Council (IEC) Yes

Financial Indicators

Minor Capital Program Funding (Since 2016/17)

Program Funding
Building Envelope Program N/A
Bus Acquisition Program $1,418,704
Carbon Neutral Capital Program $2,697,680
Playground Equipment Program $270,000
School Enhancement Program $8,302,390

Capital Projects

Status Completion Year School Name Project Details Budget
Current 2022 Kumsheen Elem-Secondary Renovation $171,811